Sunday, October 20, 2013

Happy Trails

On Friday, Anchorage opened a new bike trail connection under the Seward Highway. Saturday, I rode down there to check it out. (I had plans to show an image of this on a bike map, but my new computer is a bit too fancy for me and I haven't quite worked out how to do that yet).

The opening of a new bike trail connection -- my guess is that it's a quarter of a mile, if that -- may seem like a minor thing, but Anchorage has needed this for a long time. One thing I really love about Anchorage is its many bike trails. You can do a big loop through the city, west side to downtown, to east side, back to the west side -- except for this one part, where you had to drag your bike over rocks, next to Campbell Creek under the Seward Highway. Now they've fixed it so it's one seamless loop. As an added bonus -- people living on the east side can now bike to the Peanut Farm (a sports bar) for beer and wings!

Serious bikers will be happy to tell you that there are many problems with the Anchorage bike trails. They have lots of cracks and bumps. They are multiuse trails, so if you're Lance Armstrong, you really can't do any biking without running over someone and their dog. But I think they're great. They wind through the neighborhoods and along the streams. They go through forests and by lakes. I saw evidence of beavers along the bike trail on Saturday. How many cities can say that?

There's a lot of complaints I could make about Anchorage municipality. But in this case, I'm very pleased that they're spending money on something I think is one of our greatest assets -- our trail system.


crash6767 said...

We've a somewhat similar project going on over here, a "missing link" trail that doesn't exist due to too many highways and interstates being in that area which they're going to shoehorn in. I'm looking forward to it!

Anonymous said...

These bike trails are a great idea. I prefer the multiuse like the one close to our old house in Falls Church. Howevr, no horses because they poop too much.


L said...

Those missing links go a long way to making the community more pedestrian/recreation friendly.

Dad, these trails don't allow horses because they're paved, but I think some on the hillside do.