Sunday, October 27, 2013

In a Bit of a Pickle

Remember my giant zucchinis? The four that were 3+ pounds? Well, I really wasn't sure what to do with them. I gave a couple away to coworkers, who made zucchini bread. But I was still left with 6 lbs of zucchini, which were too large for a side dish, and likely to be bitter besides. So I decided to try my hand at pickling.

The challenge for me was canning, which I had never done before. You can make pickles and just store them in the fridge, but I didn't really have room for that. Plus, I didn't think I would eat all these in a timely manner, so I wanted to preserve them. Canning was easier than I expected.  I was pleasantly surprised that all the jars sealed!

The pickle recipe I chose was a dill pickle recipe, but I mixed a few other spices in as well. I have two jars with mustard seeds, two with celery seeds, and two with hot peppers. I suspect I put in too much hot pepper, so I don't know if those will be edible! But I'm looking forward to trying the pickles in the next couple of weeks.


Anonymous said...

YUM!!! Probably the ones with hot pepper wouldn't be too hot for your dad and me. Canning really isn't too hard, just need to be sure that you start with sterile jars. A pressure cooker is good to shorten up the process.

Anonymous said...

I want to try the hot pepper ones!


Anonymous said...

hey, cool

one of these days, one of these days, I am going to make dill pickles

Uncle C

L said...

I tried one of the jars with dill and mustard seeds and it was fantastic! Pretty happy with the whole process so far!