Sunday, September 30, 2012


Big news in our household this week: tomorrow, we actually get our stuff! You probably assumed it was already here, but no, for 3 months we have been living with 4 borrowed plates and sleeping on an air mattress, which, to use my already tired analogy, is not unlike sleeping on the floor of a bouncy house. Every time Ethan rolls over, I almost get bounced out of bed. But tomorrow, we will have a real bed! And dishes! And my umbrella! And more towels! I can't wait.

This did mean I had to do some clean up and reorganization to make sure the movers have enough room to move around and bring our stuff in. One of the main problems, besides the fact that we have a dog who seems to shed his body weight in fur monthly, is that I am married to a wallet-less George Castanza. For those of you unfamiliar with Seinfeld, in one episode George develops back problems from wearing a wallet that is stuffed to the brim with notes, phone numbers, business cards, etc.

Fortunately, Ethan suffers no back problems, because he leaves these little notes around the house. Because he continues writing speculative fiction, the notes not only include things like names of football players for his fantasy team, business recommendations, and people's phone numbers, sometimes they're little snippets of ideas for his writing. A less knowledgeable person might therefore read these and conclude that Ethan is either 1) a spy or 2) insane. For example, the back of an old bill might read

Roddy White 

"Happy Paws Kennel"

blood cloaked fangs coming 
ever closer to his throat 

hearing voices in the earmuffs??? 

Goalie John 555-2162

Since I don't know what these things are, I never know whether they are still useful or can be thrown away. On more than one occasion I've tried to throw out a crumpled old bar napkin that says something like "crackling fire/burnt leaves" and been told "No! That's very important!" So now I just put everything in little piles and store them in drawers.

Between these and the piles of used plastic bags, twisty ties, and scraps of cloth that I save because "we might need them!", at some point I realized: this is how crazy people live. But I'm okay with that, because at least one of us is productive with his creativity. I just hope the notes about the monsters are really for his writing, and we're not simply reenacting A Beautiful Mind.


Andria Crowjoy said...

Ha! That's so funnny.

Is your new address recorded somewhere (google or yahoo?) or can you send it to me?

L said...

No, I don't think my new address is recorded anywhere. I'll send you an e-mail. :)

Carlw4514 said...

Ethan doesnt read your blog, I'm thinking. Funny if true. btw, mattress on the floor is fine except for two problems, #1 you get grit in bed from being too close to shoes etc. #2 Spiders are much more common on the floor and guess what? I'm trusting this reaches you at a point where you have a real bed again.

Uncle C

L said...

He does read my blog! I told him I was posting that. He read it and asked me if that was a real note he'd left lying around. (It wasn't).