Monday, October 08, 2012

Fun and Games

One thing Ethan and I got into when we were in Australia is playing board games. Not just Monopoly or Clue, but more complicated games that many people have never heard of, like Dominion, or one Ethan really liked called Arkham Horror.

Recently, Ethan's friend bought a new game called Space Alert, so we have spent the last couple of weeks playing it. It's pretty complicated, with a lot of rules, but they anticipate that and have you run through a tutorial by playing in stages. Each new stage adds a few rules, and by the time you go through the tutorial, you know them all.

Space Alert is what's known as a cooperative game, where everyone has to work together to beat a certain scenario. I actually like those kinds of games a lot, because it discourages competitiveness and improves team work and problem solving. Plus, it's not quite as disappointing when the whole team loses, versus when you lose on your own.

One thing that's kind of goofy about Space Alert is that it comes with a CD with several scenarios on it. You pop this in the player and it starts off with a robotic voice saying "ALERT! ALERT! INCOMING THREAT DETECTED! BEGIN PHASE ONE!" The first time we played, we had to start over because Robin and I were laughing so hard. It reminds me of "Danger, Will Robinson!" so it's really hokey. But the CD does direct the game play, so it's actually kind of important.

Anyway, I've been enjoying these game sessions on the weekend, and Space Alert is just the latest. This winter, it will be fun to play more games after a long hard cross-country ski, or other such thing.

And now for a gratuitous photo (to keep Dad engaged): a picture of the path near my house. The leaves are almost all gone now as we head into late fall. But this is why I love the fall here in Alaska!

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood

I feel apologetic for having such a boring post. But my life hasn't been all that exciting this week. I'll try to be more creative for next week!


craftosaurus said...

Ha! See, I'm not hugely competitive (I don't NEED to win), but I can't get behind the idea of a cooperative game. Where's the fun in that? ;)

Also, that photo is gorgeous!

L said...

I wondered if I would like cooperative games when I first started playing them, but I do. It's kind of like when I run a race -- I'm not running against anyone else, just myself.

And thanks for the compliment about the photo!