Friday, March 04, 2011

The Story of My Life

On Tuesday, Ethan and I went to see Social Distortion at the Enmore Theatre. Social D is one of the earlier punk rock bands. They formed in 1978, which is a bit later than the New York Dolls and the Sex Pistols but puts them in about the same timeframe as Black Flag. Coincidentally, 1978 is also the year I was born.

The concert was pretty cool, even if Mike Ness is aging. I felt a bit out of place, though, because I was wearing a work appropriate black shirt and jeans, and Ethan was wearing a non-ironic free t-shirt, not another punk band t-shirt. #1 accessory of the night? Sleeve tatts. I would have worn mine, but I left them at home.

Also, when Mike Ness asked how many people weren't going to work the next day and gave the rest of the crowd permission for a sickie, I knew that I wouldn't take it. I also highly suspected that the people who weren't going to work didn't have jobs. I mean, yeah, we pretty much gave our old jobs the finger and fled the country, but I am still working for The Man.  And paying my bills.

It was still really fun, though, even if my head did hurt the whole next day. They played most of my favorites, including the song we played at our wedding:

So Ethan and I don't really fit in the punk rock image, but we never really did. I reckon Social D was happy enough to get our money that they don't really care anyway. And we got to enjoy some great music while watching other people injure themselves crowd surfing. Being staid and boring is awesome.


Anonymous said...

The happiest people are those who accept themselves as they are - and have friends (and mates) who accept them that way.

You are lucky.

I like this version almost as much as Johnny Cash!


crash6767 said...

All those people who were there were lucky enough to have the time to go to the show. There were plenty of people who wanted to go, I'm sure, that didn't have the time due to working or family, so count yourself lucky. I go to shows wearing my work clothes and am jealous of many in the crowd wearing casual clothing and looking cool. I suspect that a lot of them just change between work and "going out" to keep an image.

I keep going out, even though I'm no longer the rock and roll image. I'm there for the music, like everyone else.

puppie said...

Austin radio is playing the new Social D "Machine Gun Blues" like, day and night. I like it! It's great to hear those guys making new music!

L said...

Dad, at first I thought you meant mates in the context it's used here: as in "buddies". Ha!

Crash, you are right, I should just be glad that I could make it. Also, I'm glad that I actually had a job to go to the next day, even if I am working for the man.

On an old poster I had the following message was superimposed on a picture of a little girl in a pink dress: "She's more punk rock than 99% of the people out there". It's still one of my favorite images of all time.

Puppie, I'm not familiar with their newest stuff so I don't know if they played Machine Gun Blues or not. I'll have to check it out. But I agree, I'm glad they're still making music.

crowjoy said...

I keep threatening to get a sticker made for my white mini van that says "way more punk than my ride" but incognito is also good. :)

Glad you had a good time!!