Thursday, February 24, 2011

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Back in January, Ethan and I went to a cricket match with our American friend Joe. All three of us wanted to attend a match while we were here, so we went to a regional match one Sunday night out at ANZ Stadium.

The venue

Because it was a regional match, it wasn’t very popular, so the tickets were $20 and we had no trouble choosing seats. I have been following cricket at work because the Aussies like it and I wanted to learn about it. It seems really confusing at first, but it’s not really all that different from baseball.

The cricket pitch

The match we went to was a 20/20 match, which lasts only three hours, as opposed to the 5 day test matches, which literally last for 5 days. I won’t get into the specifics of cricket, because you can look that up on Wikipedia and it would probably be easier to understand anyway.

Attending a cricket match was again, not unlike attending a baseball game. The match we went to was New South Wales vs. Western Australia. Sadly, NSW was no match for the WA team.

WA makes one of many runs

We ate hot dogs and drank beer, and I brought along some peanuts, but no Crackerjack. I’m not sure why I find cricket more interesting than baseball, but for some reason, it is marginally more interesting to me. Maybe because it’s foreign. One thing I did miss from baseball games was the seventh inning stretch!

About two thirds of the way through the game, we some showers started passing through. The first time it rained they covered up the field and we waited it out, but the second time we decided that there was no hope for the NSW team and we left early.

Should've brought the umbrella

We had a good time and I wanted to go to another game this season, but we haven’t found the opportunity. Maybe next year we can scrounge up some tickets to watch the Australia team play another country. I wouldn’t mind going to another 20/20 game before we leave.


Anonymous said...

some have pointed out that cricket can't be that tough to figure out or children couldnt learn to play it.

But I suspect it may be one of those games you best learn by playing it, instead of watching it.

Uncle C.

L said...

That is what my boss said as well. Unfortunately, our annual Christmas cricket game was canceled by a severe thunderstorm. That's what you get when weather people try to plan an outdoor event.