Sunday, February 20, 2011

Camping Down Ulladulla Way

Aussies apparently have a similar sense of humor
At the beginning of February, our friends Scott and Brenda came to visit. They are the first visitors we’ve had since we moved here, so we were eager to show our friends a good time. Scott and Brenda really like getting out of the city, so we took a three day camping trip near Ulladulla, which is about 3 hours south of Sydney.

Ethan and I had checked a book on campgrounds out of the library, which gave us some great suggestions. The campground we found was off the beaten path, and in a forest with a quick walk to the beach.

Scott is a big kitesurfer, so we spent a lot of time hanging out at the beach.

Scott kitesurfing

The rest of us drinking beer.  Who's having more fun?

Me, alone on the beach

The beaches were beautiful, and surprisingly empty. I took a quick hike through the forest and ended up at this beach, which had no one else on it.

Oh no!  There goes Tokyo!  Go go Godzilla!

We also got to see some cool wildlife. I saw this lizard on my beach hike. When he first came out of the reeds by the lake, I thought he looked like a dragon!

Night raiders

At night, the possums would come out and search our campground for food. We tried to put it all away, but the first night we missed a tortilla and they got a nice snack. The next night, there were loads of them around!

I wonder if there's someone out there looking back at me?

With no city lights, the stars at night were beautiful.

One day while Scott and Ethan were kiting, Brenda and I drove around the little town and took a quick hike to an overlook. We saw 3 large kangaroos hop across the road into someone’s yard.

The gate wasn't closed, but this fence was no match for these roos anyway.

Then we turned the corner and Brenda pulled the car over. I didn’t know why at first until I looked across the field and saw 15 roos under the tree. It was pretty hot and they were taking an afternoon siesta.

Lazy roos.

The walk to the overlook was easy and the view was beautiful.

Australia's Southern Coast

Overall it was a great vacation. The views were lovely, and the beaches were fun, but I think what I enjoyed the most was the time spent with our friends. That will never change, no matter what country we live in!


craftosaurus said...

I almost always learn something when I read your blog. Today: possums are pretty clever!

L said...

They are indeed! One snuck up on us when we were watching the fire. Unfortunately for him, he knocked over the empty beer bottles and the alarm was sounded.

crowjoy said...

Mander can't remember if she went South of Sydney or not, which probably says a lot about her time there. :) The photos are beautiful!!! Man, that beach!

L said...

I know, right?

I'm sure Mander can't remember because it was all so beautiful it just blurs together in her mind. ;)