Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Search Goes On

I'm still here, trying to put together a life in Sydney. The apartment search has been difficult. Not many places rent to people with dogs, and most of the places I have gone to see have been total dumps. Yesterday I went to a couple of places that were okay, but the neighborhoods weren't ideal. One was kind of far out of town, in Suburbia, which is difficult when you're taking trains and buses everywhere. The other one was much closer in to town, but in an industrial area, close to some bad neighborhoods. I was going to apply for both of them anyway, but Ethan talked me out of it. So this morning, I did some more apartment searching. I found a few more I'm going to try to look at this week.

Unfortunately, I haven't really done anything cool since I've been spending all my time on the apartment hunt. I have been eating out -- this week I went to what my boss calls "the best sandwich shop in Sydney" and I have to say, it was really excellent. I also went out to a restaurant really close to the office for a $9.00 steak, which was actually pretty good. Probably not up to my husbands family's standards, but I'm not that discriminating with steak.

I did find out that what I thought was a t.v. guide in my room was actually a really cool magazine talking about all the things to do in Sydney -- arts, film, music, etc. It had articles on bike riding, buying locally and what to do when it's rainy out. It was pretty cool! Plus, a subscription is $6 for 6 months. I think that when I get a place of my own, I'll subscribe. It will be worth $12 a year to have things to check out every month.

In other news, Ethan totally got punched in the face for no reason by some random dude! He was walking to a local bar (in Alaska) with his cousin, when this guy who'd just gotten thrown out punched him in the face. He never even saw who did it -- he just saw the fist out of the corner of his eye. The bouncers called the cops and an ambulence. Fortunately, he wasn't hurt enough to go to the hospital. Scary, though.

That's it for now. When ever I find an apartment, I'll post some pics on here.

P.S. I seem to be having trouble with posting replies to comments. But I do read them, so keep posting, even if I don't respond!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that Ethan wasn't hurt, just sorry it happened.

Andrea said...

Glad Ethan is ok!