Sunday, June 20, 2010


Okay, I did make to Australia and did not actually disappear somewhere over the Pacific Ocean, Amelia Earhart-style. Unfortunately, my internet situation is not ideal. My hotel charges $25 a day for internet, so I've been using work and an internet cafe across the street, both of which I've been hesitant to do too much from. Also, when I have internet time, I have spent most of it searching for apartments and trying to figure out how to navigate the complicated public transportation system.

Anyway, I'm here and I've completed 1 week of work! I haven't done too many things that are picture worthy, but on Friday I did go see the light show downtown and on Saturday I took the fast ferry across Sydney Harbour to Manly Beach. So I have pics, but they'll have to wait.

One thing I did not get a picture of was the giant bats at Hyde Park. They were huge! And loud! I thought it was some kind of raptor flying around at first. Seriously, these things were the size of a raven, and if you've seen an Alaskan raven, you know they can be pretty big. I like bats, so it was pretty cool to see them. If you don't like bats, I would not recommend Hyde Park at night.

The apartment hunt is....going. 3 out of 4 places I have looked at so far have been unsuitable. Plus, the application process is ridonkulous. You practically have to have God himself write you a recommendation letter. I almost have my application packet put together though, and next weekend I hope to go on an apartment applying spree! That is, if I can find more than one that doesn't look like it belongs in a photograph by Jacob Riis.

I hope to post some pics soon.

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