Saturday, June 12, 2010

Off I Go, Into the Wild Blue Yonder


The stuff is gone, and I am here sitting at the airport, waiting to board a plane to San Fran. Then a 14 hour directly flight to Sydney, where I will arrive Monday, while all you sorry suckers will be stuck back in Sunday. That's right, I am moving INTO THE FUTURE!!! Dum dum DUM!!!

I'm excited and nervous. I teared up leaving my dog and my husband. It's hard to believe I don't have a home any more. And there's a lot of great unknown.

But it's going to be awesome. See you down unda.


craftosaurus said...

Good luck! Safe travels!

Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

Yay! How exciting!


Pseudo-Supermum said...

Stumbled upon your Big Adventure just by clicking on "Next blog". Hope you don't mind an Englishwoman in Scotland following your trip! Are you going to Oz forever or for a short spell?

Carlw4514 said...

boy, it's moving fast! Good Luck, Louise!

sfw4514 said...

Uncle Carl is headed to Florida for a visit. I'm sure your Big Move will be a hot topic. We're all looking forward to your posts and pictures from Down Under. Hey, you're headed into winter. Here's to the future! (Hoisting a Carl's beer in toast.)

L said...

Welcome, Supermum. I'm moving to Oz for two years definitely, maybe more if we like it. Hope you enjoy the blog!