Monday, May 03, 2010

Thoughts on leaving home

I think it’s time to be honest with everyone here. Although I’m super excited about our new adventure, part of me is really going to miss Alaska. I don’t like to talk about these mixed emotions because it seems like a lot of people see things in black in white. If I say “I’m ready for something different”, people hear “I hate Alaska and I can’t wait to get out”, but if I say “Oh, I’ll miss the mountains” people hear “I never want to leave”. In my almost 10 years in Alaska, I’ve met people who complain about Alaska like it’s their job. I certainly never wanted to fall into that category, so when I started looking for jobs Outside, I tried really hard to not make it seem like I hate Alaska. But, I am also ready for a change and excited to try something new.

That being said, it’s getting to be spring up here and I am feeling regret at leaving in June, because I’ll miss most of the summer. My love for Alaska is very tied to the seasons. I love summer, but let’s face it, I only like winter. Winter here, for me, is like a house guest that overstays their welcome. In October, I’m all “Ooh, it snowed last night! Yay!” but by April, I’m at “*@#$(*, it snowed last night. AGAIN.” So by the time summer rolls around, I’m desperate to do all my summer activities as much as possible.

So, for the next month, I’m going to try to cram in as much hiking, biking, and camping as physically possible. I know I will miss these mountains, Cook Inlet, the flowers, the streams and the green green tundra. Then I will move on, looking forward all the way – and hoping that I find parts of Australia that I love just as much as the Chugach range.


puppie said...

Omigod, I totally didn't even think about that fact, that you were going to miss an entire summer this year, going straight from spring in the U.S. to fall in Oz. You may want to invest in a light box. :-)

L said...

At least they're far enough north that it's not as bad as it is here -- they get about 9 hours of sunlight in the winter, vs. our 6. I'll have to get one down there, anyway, because of the whole 240V power thing.

But I'll miss our 20 hours of summer daylight. :)