Saturday, May 01, 2010

Decluttering our lives

Now that we've made a decision that we're going and made the announcements, we come to the hard part: planning our move. We've lived in this apartment for 8 years (well, I have) and now I have to go through all the stuff and decide: storage, Goodwill, trash, or take it? This seems like it would be pretty easy, but 1) we are not going to have much room in Oz and 2) I am a horrible, horrible packrat. I find myself waffling over things like that box of crayons I haven't ever used and am not likely to in the future. Or the piles of rubber bands I've saved from various things. I keep thinking "But what if we're packing and I need a rubber band and I've thrown them all away?" (cue tragic music here)

Plus, there are problems with things like electronics. Normally, I would plan to take all our electronics, but Australia is on the 240V system, so we have to buy converters and plug adapters for all of them. So then I have to decide (for each and every piece of equipment), is it worth buying the adapters, or should I just buy new ones over there? Everything is expensive over there for one thing, and for another, I like some of our current stuff. These decisions are not as easy as they look.

We still have 5 weeks to go through everything. But I think it's going to take the full 5 weeks.


Carlw4514 said...

oh, yeah, you will vow not to be such a packrat next time, but wanna make a bet?

L said...

I would not make such a foolish vow. I know myself and Ethan too well.