Saturday, May 08, 2010

Status update

There is none. I feel like I'm in a giant holding pattern. I can't apply for the visa until I hear back from the BOM that their sponsorship has been approved, so I'm waiting for that. I need to be cleaning out the house, but the more I do, the less it feels like I've done, and I'm already tired of it. I need to purchase health insurance in order to apply for the visa, but the health insurance person I e-mailed has not responded to answer my questions. (By the way, you would think that when I sent an e-mail saying "I want to apply for membership and sign up for a plan" they would understand that means "I want to pay you lots of money" and hop right on it).

I keep telling myself that if there is a delay, that just means more time for me to enjoy Alaskan summer. (Which is rapidly approaching. Every day the buds on the trees get a little bit bigger. We should be in full leaf by next week). But, I also don't want to be doing nothing, and then having to end up doing everything at the last minute and not enjoying my last few weeks in the country with my friends and family.

So I guess I'll go work on the kitchen.


Kelly@TearingUpHouses said...

I have ALWAYS wanted to visit Alaska in the summer. Especially about six hours ago when I nearly passed out while walking home!


p.s. Hoping your wait goes by quickly.

p.p.s Thanks for your follow up. And I understand what you mean about statistics.

puppie said...

Curious, how does the health insurance thing work? Do you have to buy a private plan in America to cover you over there? Or do you buy some weird expat plan? Will you pay a pretty penny for it or will your employer cover or reimburse? How does it dovetail with the public health care system in Oz?