Monday, June 01, 2009

Camping and the Sausage Dog

We went camping for the first time this season this past weekend. It was fun, but a little chilly. It was super windy out where we were -- there were times where the wind was getting under the tent and I thought we were going to blow away! The next morning when we woke up, the snow line had crept down about another 1000 feet and was only about 1500 ft above us. We were glad we hadn't taken the dog, because he would have been freezing!

We did see a bear and two cubs on the other side of the valley and a bunch of sheep up on the mountain side. The bear was walking up a snow patch with her two cubs, and right in the middle of the snow patch, one of the babies slipped and slid about 1/3 of the way down the patch. It was pretty cute and funny, although Ethan pointed out that perhaps the cub didn't think it was so funny.

Speaking of the dog, we have really been enjoying Fievel. We call him the Sausage Dog because when he lies down, he is shaped like a little sausage. I have been taking him to doggy training because he does not walk so well on a leash, but other than that he's really a very good dog. He loves to cuddle and will often snuggle on the couch. (We don't let him on the bed). Here's a picture of him snuggling with Ethan:

I also love to pick him up and hold him, but he doesn't like that so much. I do it anyway, because what are doggies for if you can't torture them by some unwanted hugs and kisses? Anyway I really like him and I can't believe that some dumb other family let him run away.

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craftosaurus said...

Aha! See, we don't have snow anywhere in the vicinity right now... or at least not close enough to ever use the phrase "snow line." Not sure if I'd trade that for the ticks. It's a toss up.