Sunday, May 24, 2009

Rules of the Road

I've been meaning to make this Public Service Announcement for a while, but after my bike ride today, I thought it was a good time. I may be preaching to the choir here, but maybe there's someone out there that will randomly read this and change their habits.

Dos and Don'ts of the Trail

1. Walk/bike/rollerblade/etc on the right. Pass on the left.
2. If you are with friends, and want to ride/run/whatever next to each other, fine. But pay attention to who's coming up behind you and MOVE OVER! Also, don't let your little dog run across the trail on the extendable leash. It just makes for a bad accident.
3. If you are passing, announce it, preferably more than 2 feet behind said person you're passing. And announce it loudly, please.
4. Please be aware of your surroundings. This means not wearing the iPod, or at least turning it down so that you can hear someone say "Passing".
5. Please walk/run/bike etc in a straight line. I cannot tell you how many times I've come up to somebody, said "Passing" (but they couldn't hear me because of the iPod), only to have them cut to the left for no discernible reason.
6. Pick up your dog poo. Pick up your dog poo!
7. And finally, if you need to stop, especially in bad places like around the corner at the bottom of the hill, please move off the path. Again, if you don't, this just makes for a bad accident.

Most of these annoyances could be avoided if people were aware of their surroundings. But I find that most people act like they're the only people on the trail. We share the trail, folks! Be respectful of others!

This has been your Public Service Announcement.

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Alpha Monkey said...

I was biking with Rob this weekend, and had to come to a complete stop to avoid getting clotheslined by a guy and his dog on a leash. So I very much appreciate your PSA.