Thursday, June 11, 2009


Recently, I washed some towels and napkins, but left them in the laundry basket to fold later. Last night, Fievel woke up in the middle of the night and started making a lot of noise -- digging around, shaking, etc. I thought he had climbed up on Ethan's pile of dirty clothes to go to sleep (I should mention he has his own bed, but sometimes for whatever reason, that's not acceptable). Finally I got a little suspicious and went to look for him. Guess where he was? That's right, in the laundry basket, sleeping on top of my clean napkins. So now I have to wash them all over again. I was a little annoyed but I also thought it was kind of funny. How do they always know exactly what it is you don't want them to do?


Lisa said...

hey, at least he wasn't ripping or chewing them all apart! My dogs in the last two weeks somehow had a hunger for leather.....they ate Ben's wedding leather flip flops, then a week later, ate his only nice italian leather shoes we got in Italy on our honeymoon!!!! Grrrrr. I really wished we had left them in Alaska during those episodes :)

jumpinmuppet said...

I love when Biscuit, our little floofy dog, wriggles around in the dirty laundry. She lays on her back and squirms like she's in heaven.

However, I don't like if they want to rub up against something I'm wearing. Last week Copper just *had* to get the smell of my jeans on him and nearly knocked me over throwing his body weight against my shins.