Wednesday, May 21, 2008


So, I am doing the Tour de Cure again this year. In case you don't remember or weren't reading my blog last year, the Tour de Cure is a bike ride to raise money for diabetes. The money goes to the American Diabetes Association, and is used for research and aid to those who have Type I or Type II diabetes or are pre-diabetic.

It's not a race, so I'm not going to win anything (let's face it, I wouldn't win if it was a race) but it's a lot of fun and the money goes to a good cause. I'm going to be riding 50K (31 miles) again this year.

You probably know someone who is diabetic or pre-diabetic. Even if you don't, please consider sponsoring me in this ride to help those who are.

Okay, enough solicitation. Here's the link to my page.

Thanks in advance for any contributions you're willing to make.

P.S. If, like my uncle, you are uncomfortable with the idea of paying online, I will accept checks and cash (and I promise I'll turn them in to the Tour de Cure)!

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