Monday, May 19, 2008

Getting potty

According to my horoscope, today I should not gamble or go shopping with children. Guess I better change my plans for the evening.

This weekend was a busy one. I bought a bunch of plants on Saturday and planted a lot of them. Unfortunately, I ran out of potting soil and didn't get them all planted. On Sunday I ran out and bought some potting soil, but I had an engagement party and a race to go to, so the plants are still sitting in their pots, waiting to be potted up.

Highlight of the weekend: at the engagement party, the next-door neighbor called the cops because she thought there was an intruder in her house. So we were all playing games and stuff, when we saw three cops run up to the house with guns drawn. They came out later with no suspect, so I guess no one was in there. We were giving the host a hard time about living in the ghetto (he actually lives in a very nice neighborhood).

I also did not get my bike fixed up for the summer, which means I was lazy and didn't ride it to work today. I need to get that done! Hopefully tonight. I hate how tired I am at the end of the work day -- I do like 2 things, and then I'm exhausted and want to go to bed. But I really need to get more done at home. I'm tired of being pressured on my "weekends" all the time because I don't do anything during the week.

How do you combat that middle of the week malaise?

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