Friday, May 16, 2008

Not enough sources in the gene pool

You know how after you break up with someone, you see them a while later and you think "What did I ever see in that person?" Well, last night I watched Gray's Anatomy for the first time in a long time. It was really lame. There was way too much invented drama, the main character is a whiny brat, and I'm really tired of how everyone in the show hooks up with everyone else. C'mon man, don't these people interact with others outside their workplace? I don't know anyone who works at a place where everyone treats sexual partnership like the mix and match swimsuit sale at Penney's. Seriously folks, it's called meeting new people. Try it.

I used to really like that show too. Ah well. More time for life.


pom-e-granate said...

I watched that episode after not watching for a long time too. Totally reinforced my decision to stop watching. I can't believe how lame that show is. The only character I really care about is Miranda. And I don't care enough about her to watch the rest of them.

eaf said...

I have an idea for a new show at the Squirrel household. It's called "Gray's A-Pain-In-The-Ass-To-Me" ... not quite the same ring, but close enough.