Saturday, March 08, 2008

Good news

Mom's surgery was on Thursday, and it went pretty well. The tumor was only on the part of the lung they removed, so that's really good. In other words, it wasn't attached to the chest wall and it hadn't spread to other lobes of the lung. Mom and Dad are still waiting for the toxicology report to figure out whether she'll have to do chemo and radiation therapy. But so far, all looks good.

Thanks for all your support and well wishes. The recovery process will take a while, but we are hopeful as it seems to be going well right now.


baasheep said...

I'm so glad it went well and (((((healing vibes))))) to your Mom x

Vanessa said...

i'm happy to read that it went well and the outlook is good. i'll keep your mom in my prayers

Alpha Monkey said...

That's great news! I hope the recovery continues to go well.