Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Go, doggies, go!

On a lighter note, the Iditarod is currently going on in AK right now. One of our webcams is at the Iditarod checkpoint in McGrath, and today I was able to see a dog team resting! I wanted to post the current picture on here, but since it's night and they're off to the side in the dark, they're a little hard to see. So instead, I found this web shot on of the first arrival into McGrath (Lance Mackey).

You can see Lance and his dog team in the middle of the big group of people, kind of on the right center of the photograph.

For those of you who don't know much about the Iditarod, it goes from Wasilla to Nome. McGrath is about 350 miles in, which is about 1/3 of the way, I think. Point being, they've got a long way to go after McGrath.

This is the stuff I really love about living in AK. How many other people get the chance to check out the Iditarod checkpoints as part of their job?

Edited to add: Here's some more doggies for you:


Henna said...

D and I have been talking more and more about taking a quick one week vacation to Alaska in the winter. Hopefully we can fit it in the next 5 years!

Alpha Monkey said...

Neat! Have you ever seen the Iditarod in person?

L said...

Well, I've been to the ceremonial start in Anchorage. I haven't been to the official start in Wasilla, but I think it's about the same. They put an insert in the paper with all the mushers, so my friends and I pick the people we like and the people with the goofiest pictures, and then cheer loudest for them as they go by.

Henna, hopefully by the time you get back up here, we'll have a house with a guest room, so you and D can stay with us if you want. :)