Friday, November 02, 2007

Goodbye, Maggie!

Halloween was pretty busy for me. First, I waited around the house for trick-or-treaters. I only got one, which is fairly typical. But I can't not hand out candy! I am just eternally hopeful that this will be the year I get a whole bunch of kids.

Then I went over to my brother-in-law's house, in the hopes that I would get to see the kids in their costumes. Well, the kids were already out of costume by the time I got there, and I couldn't get them to put the costumes back on. Bummer. Maybe next year. Anyway, I did get to watch them bob for apples. BIL ripped all the stems off, which I thought was mean. I thought there was no way that the kids could get an apple out of there without grabbing the stem by their teeth. Well you know what? My 5 year old niece actually did it! I was so impressed! She's a pretty capable kid.

After that, I went to the Halloween costume contest at Humpy's with some friends. My one friend dressed up as the crazy astronaut lady -- the one who wore a diaper and drove all the way to Orlando from Texas to kill her boyfriend. I thought for sure she would win, but unfortunately, not a lot of people got it. The winner was an iPod, which was actually a really cool costume. I dressed up as Penny from Inspector Gadget, which was my costume from Saturday. It was a kind of lame costume. Next year, I'm doing something great.

I also went to the zoo on Halloween (this was earlier in the day). We had an elephant at our zoo who is being shipped down to an elephant sanctuary in CA because she wasn't doing so hot up here. Wednesday was the last day to say goodbye, so I went to see her.
So long Maggie! It was nice having you in Alaska for a while!

The zoo was pretty cool; they had decorated for Halloween and had candy out for trick-or-treaters.

Ack! Vicious eagles eating a human foot!

The cutest thing was the Arctic Fox. They had put a box of candy for the kids outside his cage, and this fox wanted some candy!

It is easy to see how they become a problem in the northern regions. They are known beggars and people feed them a lot. I imagine it would be hard to turn down this face!

So, my Halloween was good. Hope all you guys had a good one too!

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Awww, that fox is so cute!