Saturday, November 03, 2007

Procrastination Always Wins

None, I repeat, none, of the local t.v. stations chose to show the Ohio State vs. Wisconsin game today. They also chose not to show the Arizona vs. Oregon State game (#4 vs #6). For one reason and another, I did not make it to the Peanut Farm to watch the OSU game this morning, and I am not going there this afternoon.

I am supposed to be working on some school projects. So instead, I chose to write this e-mail (and 2 variations) to the t.v. stations.

Dear [t.v. programming person];

I was very disappointed that KTUU chose to show children's programming this morning instead of the Ohio State vs. Wisconsin football game. As you may or may not know, Ohio State is currently ranked number 1 in the nation and was playing another Big Ten school. Both schools have a large following, even here in Anchorage, so I am sure I'm not the only person who was disappointed. Furthermore, I am shocked that you chose to show Notre Dame vs. Navy later on in the afternoon. Neither team is particularly good this year, and Anchorage does not have a large naval base, so why this game is more important than other games including top ten teams is beyond me.

In the past, I'm sure college football has not had a large following in Anchorage, given the fact that there are no college football teams in Alaska. However, with more and more transplants moving to Anchorage from the Lower 48, college football is becoming increasingly popular. I think it would behoove you to consider your audience and choose your programming a little more wisely.

I probably wouldn't have bothered writing, except for the fact that I really really do not want to do my reports. OSU won by the way.


Vanessa said...

i think you would be surprised to know that the OSU v Wisc game was never picked up by ABC or ESPN or the local CBS station. in fact, it was shown on this stupid, upstart, greedy-college station, that most people in the central-ohio area don't even get. on the other hand, billy (even out in SLC) does get all the games...go figure

Henna said...

We didn't get the game either. That's ok, we listened to it on the radio and that was painful enough!

L said...

Well, I guess I feel a little better that it's not just my city that's lame.

Ness, what's this new station?

Vanessa said...

it's called the Big Ten Network. i guess it contracted with the schools to show random sports like field hockey and soccer and swimming...and managed to pick up 4 football games for each school (this is my understanding, anyway)...for OSU, this included the 3 preseason games (not that big of a deal) and Wisc. a few of the smaller cable networks did pick up the channel (at no extra cost to subscribers), but the largest provider (time warner) never picked it up

Alpha Monkey said...

I did go to a bar to watch the game since we don't get the Big Ten Channel at home. But then I started feeling hostile because some WI fans showed up and the Buckeyes weren't doing very well at that point. So we left and just watched the highlights later. Thank goodness the Buckeyes won!

L said...

Oh, I heard about the Big Ten network. I don't get cable at all, so I wasn't about to even think about paying for an extra channel.

Better not let henna hear you disparage Wisconsin, Ning! ;)