Thursday, October 25, 2007


Well, they've pushed back the court martial date, again. Now it looks like it won't be until mid-Nov. Maybe. Ethan is trying to see if he can just drop the charges and come home.

So, I have no idea when my husband is coming home. Rar.

Update: I got on the phone and cried in some Major's ear about Ethan not coming home before Thanksgiving. He said he was calling over there and would get an update soon, and also that he would "encourage" the JAG to get this over with. I do not know what results this will have, and I feel a little silly for being one of "those" wives (the drama queen type), but I am tired of not having any control over our lives. So Ethan, I'm really sorry if this embarrasses you or causes you any trouble, but if it gets you home soon, then I don't really care.


Robyn said...


Vanessa said...

argh!! i agree...i would hate to be one of those wives, but you have to do what you need to...i hope ethan comes home soon

eaf said...

I hope Ethan comes home soon too!

On a side note, the internet connection over here seems to actually WORK, which is pretty amazing, and I am able to check your blog now. New dates of 15-16 November for the Court Martial, which means I will probably miss Thanksgiving but not by much.

Also, the case is "United States Vs. SFC Dickhead"...I'm not actually able to rescind the charges anymore. Out of my hands. Sorry babe.

baasheep said...

Eeee taht is sucky, hopefully major man can make things happen soon.

Thinking of you x