Friday, October 19, 2007

No News

Life for me is not very exciting right now, which can be a good thing. Last night I took my first (and only) midterm and did pretty well, I think. Then I went over to my new friend/classmate's house and hung out drinking wine until 11:00. She had work today, so I felt a little bad, but obviously we were having a good time. Yay for new friends!

I have a big break until I go back to work, which is nice. Plans: buy tires, actually watch an Ohio State game (woo!), go to the final Farmer's market of the season, laundry, clean up the house. Again, not too exciting, but nice and relaxing. So yay for that.

Still haven't decided on the Halloween costume, although I'm leaning toward either Penny from Inspector Gadget, or Mothra. I'll probably work on that this week too, and let you know the results. Maybe I'll even post a couple of pics.

Ethan is calling me every other day since he has limited e-mail access and nothing to do. It's been really nice to talk to him. Only a few more weeks!

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