Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Going Green

Well, somehow I missed Blog Action Day. But I'm going to go ahead and post because I believe in taking care of the environment every day! I'll post a list of what we (okay, I) do, inspired by Henna:
  • use cloth bags instead of getting plastic/paper ones
  • turn off lights and appliances when I'm not using them
  • recycle almost everything
  • bike to work in the summer
  • save plastic utensils to use in my lunch bag
  • do not use disposable dishware
  • drink water out of a reusable bottle instead of buying single use water bottles
  • plan my errands for the least possible driving (use a circuitous route and hit several locations in the same area at once)
  • keep my heat low
  • trying to make the switch to eco-friendly cleaners (vinegar, H2O2)
  • try not to purchase things I don't need
  • try not to throw things away unless they're absolutely unusable
  • use organic friendly pesticides and fertilizers in the garden
  • use fluorescent bulbs where I can
  • use a reusable lunch bag instead of paper or plastic sacks
Things I would like to do in the future:
  • drive less (carpool more, look into public transportation, bike more in the summer)
  • buy organic fruits and vegetables
  • support farming coops
  • reduce my purchasing habit even more!
  • purchase more used items
  • start a compost pile
  • grow my own food
  • unplug items or turn off the power strip when I'm not using them (since apparently some appliances suck power even when they're off!)
  • purchase an engine block heater for my vehicle
I've always been a bit of an environmental nut, so this isn't just a new fad for me. I am just trying to figure out how to apply it to my daily life!


Henna said...

Hey, great list! I forgot to mention I use Method laundry detergent and vinegar for softner and that works great.

There are other things I would like to do, but some are pretty expensive in my neck of the woods and probably your's too.

L said...

Method laundry detergent. Hmm, I'll have to check into that. I have to admit, I found your list very inspiring!

Yeah, some things are definitely more "doable" than others -- our local farming coops are way the heck out in the valley and they don't make drops in town, so I'm afraid I won't be getting eggs from them any time soon. I'm looking into other coops that ship, though!