Friday, September 28, 2007

Almost 30

Well, in spite of recent bad news, I had a great birthday yesterday. I think it helped me get in a better mood when Ethan sent me an e-mail that said he was having a hard time with this extension too. Not that I want him to be depressed, but it made me feel less alone. And I know that we can get through this together.

On to birthday business: first of all, thanks to Henna and Puppie and Vanessa who sent me various forms of cards. I really do appreciate that, especially since I am well-meaning and always say I'll send out cards for others, but never do. In other words, I know it takes time and effort and I appreciate that you guys care.

So yesterday, I woke up and talked to my family and Ethan. Then I went out for a nice lunch with a work friend, and then I headed down to Girdwood to practice my photography. It was a beautiful sunny day and wandering around in the fall environment was really nice. Then I came back to town, got my free ice cream from Cold Stone, and went to class. After class I went to the Moose's Tooth for great pizza and beer with a bunch of my friends. Nothing super exciting, but let's face it, I'm getting a little old for super exciting. After all, I'm 29 now. I wouldn't want to give myself a heart attack or anything.

Here are some pictures from yesterday:

Now, a couple of questions for you photographer types: 1) how do you upload full size pictures? If I try to do that, blogger freezes. That Up in Alaska girl uploads photos that you can click on to see the big version. Does it just take her a really long time? 2) What online photo album is most popular? e.g. Shutterfly, Kodak, etc. I would like to upload some more pictures for you all to see, but I don't want to cram them all into my blog (although, as promised, you're still going to get some State Fair pics!)


sv said...

no help on the photo hosting site, but holy wow, those pics are breathtaking, so i hope you post a lot more. gorgeous! and very very belated happy birthday.

L said...

Thanks! For both the compliment and the belated birthday wishes.

Alpha Monkey said...

Happy belated birthday!!! When I clicked on your photos, I got a larger version. They are beautiful by the way! Do you have high speed internet connection? It may just be taking a long time to load?

A lot of people use flickr. Here's the URL –
Personally, I use Picasa because it's tied to my Google account. It's a Google product –
You can also get there from your Google homepage by clicking "More" at the top and then selecting "Photos"

pollyhyper said...

Happy (belated)Birthday!!!!

Lovely photos, must be that new camera! LOL, no, I'm sure it's you!

I use flickr AND Picasa. I love Picasa for organizing, but I've had some issues with the Picasa-Blogger connection, so I usually upload pix to flickr, where you can choose from different sizes of the image and it will provide you a URL and/or code to put right into the blog.