Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Bad News

I haven't updated in a while because I've been super busy with school and Big Brothers/Big Sisters etc. But I thought this was worth an update.

We thought Ethan was coming back around Oct 24 (no official date, but that's what I estimated and we seemed to be on track). Yesterday he called to tell me that he's staying longer because he has to testify at the court-martial of one of his subordinates. The court-martial is Nov 4. We were (were!) leaving for our honeymoon Oct 31.


Here's the rest of the story: this guy has been a major pain in the ass from Day 1. He was Ethan's supply sergeant, and the guy couldn't find his ass with both hands. Or rather, he wouldn't try. He lost a crap load of equipment, and wouldn't go look for it when Ethan told him to. At one point, we thought we were going to be held financially responsible for $60,000 worth of equipment. Thank GOD his replacement actually found that shit.

Oh but wait, that's not all. First of all, he directly defied an order Ethan gave him in front of a room full of people. Ethan tried to give him non-judicial punishment, but the guy wanted to take it to court. And he actually got off, because he "might not have heard the order". 3 people gave him the order! The whole classroom heard it! But I guess in kangaroo court, that doesn't matter.

So then, Ethan has to council him -- you know, "you fucked up, here's how to improve". Well this guy is mad at Ethan (because apparently, it's my husband's fault that he's a jackass) and threatens to kick his ass! Well, now Ethan has to punish him again. (Fortunately he was removed to another unit). So we're back in court-martial.

In other words, the rest of the unit is coming home in mid Oct. Ethan and the two other people who are testifying aren't coming home to mid Nov. I guess. And it is all this guy's fault!

I had a falling out with the Army wives I used to hang out with over this. The one girl actually had the gall to defend Sgt Fuckhead to me when I complained about him threatening to kick Ethan's ass. "Sgt Fuckhead seems really nice" she said. Really? Is that a fact? "Well, he might have a slight anger problem". Anger problem? I'll show you anger problem, lady. Just mention for one second that Your Husband the Wonderful is coming home on time and you will unleash vengeance the likes of which you haven't seen before.

There is nothing I can do about this, so I need to just get over it. But it is so FUCKING UNFAIR and I am sick of it! I HATE THIS FUCKING DEPLOYMENT!!!!!!


Robyn said...

that sucks so much! I'm sorry he won't be home when you thought. I'd kick that girl's ass if she said anything else, too.

Jenna said...

That wife can bite me. Seriously. And while there might be nothing you can do about this "change of plans" (aka: fuckup), that doesn't mean you can't be fucking mad about it! It sucks! It's unfair that this one guy has not only made E's deployment suck more than necessary, but now gets to mess with your time with him. BAH!

Alpha Monkey said...

I'm sorry to hear that Ethan isn't coming back on time. That really sucks. It seems especially frustrating since it was caused by someone else's incompetence/stupidity. The army wife you mentioned sounds dumb too. Or maybe just completely insensitive. In any case, I hope Ethan gets back asap.

L said...

We're hoping to arrange it that he can have a couple weeks of leave in AK before returning for the court-martial. That still ruins our honeymoon plans, but at least he'd be home.

Re: the wife, she never did figure out why I quit hanging out with her. Go figure.

sv said...

rawr! stoopid That Wife is a daft twit no brains at all, and i hope her husband comes home and tells her that Sgt. Asswipe is, in fact, not a nice guy at all, and is, in fact, a complete jerk who ruined your plans.

and i know you know this, but just to reiterate: you get to be as furious crazy mad as you like.

Vanessa said...

i'm sorry to read that ethan has had a rough deployment ... and now your big trip is off. hopefully, he will get a couple weeks of leave in between ... i guess that's better than nothing.

as an aside ... i think it's great that you've stuck with BB / BS for so long! that really is an accomplishment. and good luck with your classes!