Saturday, July 21, 2007

Do you canooo?

On Thursday and Friday, Ethan and I did the Nancy Lake Canoe trail. We had rented a cabin at the recommendation of a friend of ours. She told us the trail was easy and well marked, so even though we aren't very experienced canoers, we decided to try it. And it was easy, and a fun trip!

The lakes were absolutely gorgeous, and the cabin was really cute. It was so hot that I was able to canoe in shorts and a t-shirt and sandles without being cold. We saw lots of loons on the lakes, including a family with a baby on the very last lake. Loons supposedly have a creepy call, but I think they sound very beautiful and wild. It was great hanging out at the cabin listening to them.

The one thing that really sucked the first day is that we didn't really get the hang of the portages (portaging is where you carry the canoe over land to another body of water). One of the rangers had recommended that we pick up wood along the way to take to the cabin, which in retrospect was not necessary. So when we portaged, we left the wood in the canoe, and carried it by holding the crossbars, instead of over our heads. My arms are not in good enough shape for that and I was really complaining, in spite of the fact that it was a light canoe. Fortunately, on the second day, we had gotten rid of all that wood, so we were able to lift the canoe above our heads and carry it that way. The canoe rested on our backpacks, which made it really easy to carry. Good thing, because we had 8 portages that day!

Anyway, here's some pics, taken with my brand-new camera!

Our cabin:

This loon liked to hang out near the cabin. He was really pretty.

Ethan paddling the canoe (this one isn't so great, but I had some difficulty turning around to take pictures without flipping).

Sunset at the cabin.

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Henna said...

Pretty. It looks like you guys had fun. Yes, portaging is very hard unless you flip the canoe!