Monday, July 16, 2007


Today I came into work and checked my mailbox. I had the new schedule, some travel orders, a schedule change notice and a PICTURE OF A GIANT SPIDER!! Ack! Ack! I jumped and threw it down, even though it was just a picture. It was a picture from one of our webcams, where apparently a spider has made its home. At first I thought, who would do such a cruel thing to me? Then I realized my irrational fear is a lot funnier to everyone else than it is to me, so I got over it. After all, that's something I would have thought was really funny, had it happened to someone else.

I would totally post the picture on here, except 1) I don't have an electronic copy (thank God) and 2) I would never ever be able to look at my blog again. In the meantime, here's another webcam picture for you. And yes, that is North America's tallest mountain in the background.

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Ning said...

Ewwwww...being a fellow arachnophobe,I can totally sympathize with you.