Sunday, June 17, 2007

Well, the picnic actually went well, in spite of the fact that the other person who was supposed to help me out bailed at the last minute. Everyone enjoyed the food, although there was way too much, and the lawn games (frisbee, croquet, football) were fun. Most importantly, everyone was very polite and thanked me profusely for a wonderful picnic. So that made it all worth it in the end.

Gah! This house has too many spiders! There's a giant scary one in the tub I haven't been able to kill yet and another one just came down the wall. I sucked it up and managed to kill him. I wish there were someone else around here to handle them for me. Do you think my neighbors would mind if I asked them to come over and kill all my spiders?

Yesterday was nice. I went hiking with my friends up Ptarmigan Valley. It was beautiful, so I actually wore a tank top and was still hot. The trail goes up through a pretty forest for a couple of miles before going through some alpine fields and then finally breaking out onto the tundra. The wild roses, lupine and bluebells were out, so it was really pretty. Unfortunately, I guess it's time to toss my sunblock, because I got roasted. Oh well. Such is life.

Then last night I went to a wedding, which was also fun. It was a really low key, Alaska type wedding, with the groom's parents serving homemade Mexican food. They had a live band though, which was pretty cool, although I do have to say I enjoyed the music at our wedding more. :) I had to bail about 10 though, because the mosquitoes were eating me alive. I actually got a bug bite on top of another bug bite. Now it's swollen to a nice superball-size lump, and I can't stop scratching my ankles. My friend A told me he thought that thing about how you shouldn't scratch was a load of crap; that it didn't really make your bites worse. Well, I guess he's never scratched one until it bled.

So that's the news for now. Now I'm off to run some errands and to hopefully find some place to purchase some self control, before I scratch my ankles into a bloody mess.

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eaf said...

Random is "suck it up" used as much in the civilian world as it is in the military?