Thursday, June 14, 2007

Raining on my own picnic

First things first....I said in my last post that I wasn't going to watch t.v. for the rest of the summer. Well, I think that very night I turned the t.v. on. So that goal was unrealistic. The good news is that I have been watching a lot less t.v. Instead, I have gone out with my friends, gone for bike rides, tended to the garden, and even got out and played my clarinet. The house is still a mess, but hey, I'm having a good time, so I don't really give a crap.

Secondly (which is not a real word, btw) uncle has a blog! Holy cow! I thought about providing him with the link here, but I don't think I will because sometimes I complain about my family on here. Mostly my sister, but still. I need some safe place to vent.

And finally, because I can, I'm going to complain. I actually have some more important things I'm stressing about, but I kind of want to keep them private. Instead, you guys are going to get to hear about the office picnic that I am planning. I am on the morale committee, who is supposed to advise our boss, Mr. NoSpine, about how to build morale in the office. Well, apparently Mr. NoSpine thinks that "advise" means "do everything". So I've been the one (not) calling the meetings, and now I picked the day, the food, the time, the location and am doing all the work for this picnic (which btw was the one idea that Mr. NoSpine came up with). There were two people supposedly helping me with this thing -- one is on mid-shifts and stuck his poor wife with the shopping, the other one bailed once I actually gave him a task to do. Yay for office support.

Anyway, this thing is tomorrow. Fortunately the weather looks good (I think having good weather for an event planned/attended by a group of meteorologists is actually illegal, but the authorities seem to be smiling on us for some reason). But I am worried that there won't be enough turnout, that the food will suck, that will run out of food, etc. etc. But then I realized, there are two possible outcomes: 1) the picnic goes well and everyone is happy or 2) the picnic totally sucks and they never ever ask me to plan anything again. I win either way!

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