Monday, June 04, 2007

Summertime and the living is easy

This weekend has been pretty dang good, which I'm glad for, because I spent quite a bit complaining to Ethan about how busy it was going to be. Here are the highlights:
Friday: a going away party (meh) and a regular party (fun but nothing special).

Saturday: a full day of classes on Becoming an Outdoor Woman. My friend J, who ironically, does not really like being outside, convinced me to sign up with her for this. For $20, I got to choose 2 classes to do on Saturday. They had all kinds of stuff, like Map & Compass reading, Intro to Fly Fishing, Intro to Spin Fishing, Dutch Oven Cooking, Archery, Intro to Shotgun...and some others too. I chose Pond to Pan in the morning. We learned how to clean a fish, vacuum pack and freeze it, and made some delicious meals. Plus, we got to take home our cleaned and frozen salmon (yay for you, Ethan)! Then in the afternoon, I had chosen Dutch Oven Cooking, but through a fluke, I got signed up for Fly Fishing. Learning how to fly fish was actually really fun and made me want to do it more often. Of course, that would require me buying a fly rod. Regardless, it made me interested in doing more fishing and I am going to make an effort to get out and do it this summer. One really cool thing about Anchorage (amongst many) is that we have plenty of lakes and streams that are full of fish. So I can go salmon or trout fishing without leaving the city. Really.

Okay, on to Sunday. That was the Tour de Cure. Which was a total blast, just like it was last year. I had invited a friend from church to do it with me and my normal group of friends. I was a little nervous, because I didn't know her that well, so I didn't know if she would be offended by my friends who swear, or beer at the afterparty. Well I forgot, I go to Methodist church now. Catholics drink wine, Methodists drink beer, and Baptists drink water. So not only was she not offended, she had a beer herself. Yay! The ride itself went really well too. I was in better shape this year, so it wasn't quite so tiring. I even managed to ride all the way up the final (steep) hill, whereas last year I had to walk. So I was proud of myself for that. And hey, 50k (31 miles) is a long way!

Anyway, today I've been rather lazy. I got up late since I had to get up before 7 both Saturday and Sunday, and I've been kind of lying around reading magazines and pretending like I'm going to clean up the house. I did call S. to go hiking tomorrow, so that's one thing I accomplished. But the rest of the stuff, well I'm just not very motivated. Plus, the sun is kind of peeking out, so I think I might go fishing.

Summer is the best.