Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Ambitious, much?

Well, I meant to post this at the beginning of June, but I was too busy posting about other fun things. Anyway, here are my goals for this summer:
  1. Bike to work 15 times. I've biked in 4 so far -- 11 to go.
  2. go backpacking/camping 3 times
  3. go kayaking2 times
  4. bike the Bird to Gird trail
  5. hike the entire Winner Creek trail and bike back to the start
  6. hike the Virgin Falls trail -- whoops, already did this just yesterday. But maybe I'll take Ethan there as the waterfall was really cool.
  7. go fishing 2 times
Numbers 2 and 3 might be a little ambitious, as they require actual weekends, and people to go with. Well, I could go by myself, but I just don't want to. The fishing should be easy due to aforementioned local, easily accesible lakes and my lack of fear of doing it by myself (which is also my lack of fear of bears at the local lakes, as opposed to bears on the hiking trails).

In other news, GCI has a new ad campaign on t.v. with this guy with a fake Mexican accent (think Nacho Libre). I can't get the song out of my head. Hanging with the GCI Yellow pages, Know me, Use me, Love me. I think this is a sign that I've been watching waaaaay too much t.v., especially considering the fact that this is summer and everything is reruns except for National Bingo Night (stupidest idea for a shower ever). So new goal: t.v. is off. For the summer. That's a hard one for me. I love t.v.! But my life will be better without it.


eaf said...

A little over a week now. Are you in TV withdrawals yet?

If I didn't have TV here I would die.

L said...

No....because I've been cheating. I'm a bad bad cheater. I've watched some t.v., although not a lot. I am really liking Anansi Boys, so I've been reading a lot too.

And I played my clarinet! Woo!

eaf said...

Well, cutting down on TV is more realistic anyway.

Awesome on the clarinet! I've been fooling around with Reason, making the occasional drum beat here and there. It's as close as I come to making music.