Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A General Complaint

I am so over this deployment. Today my coworker was talking about his new family, and I was a little jealous of him. I'm not hankering to have babies, but I am hankering to have my husband home so we can be a little family unit -- with plans, and traditions, and routines, and fun stuff, and emotional support.

Whoever said that I would be surprised how quickly this year would fly by should be shot.


Henna said...

I can't even imagine how hard it must be for BOTH of you. D and I do so much together, I would feel lost. He was gone for 4 weeks once, and I was starting to go out of mind.

Hugs and wishes for you that the remaining time flies. Keep your chin up!

Robyn said...

Yeah! Shot in the foot so they hop around in pain.

eaf said...

By and large, nobody likes it here, but there are a few hard cases who are volunteering to stay over for another year even though they have families and kids and all that stuff. Like, huh? Fifteen months not long enough to be gone?

I partially think the deployment is made harder by having to deal with the retards in my unit, but I'm not sure. If we were all good buddies, I suppose it would be much more tolerable.