Friday, April 27, 2007

Bird Woes

Well, spring has pretty much sprung around here. The snow is mostly gone (although not off the mountains yet), and I've been riding my bike this week. I love to ride my bike! It is so much more fun than driving, to me. Too bad that sometimes I am lazy, pressed for time, or need to carry stuff or else I would just sell my car and ride my bike all the time (well, uh, except for winter because I'm a big baby about riding in the snow).

My sunflower seeds are growing great guns. The plants are already about 6 inches tall. I hope they don't get too much taller before I can plant them outside, because I don't know what else to stake them with! Also, if they get too tall they'll be really unstable and might fall over on their own. I think in 2 more weeks I should be able to plant them outside, if the weather continues.

I also need to get out and rake. Ugh. That is one yard chore I really hate, even more than mowing. Thank goodness it only needs to be done a couple times a year. I don't have a lot of dead leaves in the yard, but there is quite a bit of dead grass that needs to be raked up. Fortunately, that stuff is pretty light, so I don't have a lot of trouble lugging it around.

Maybe I should start that compost heap this year.

We have a sparrowhawk (an American Kestrel, officially) that has moved into our neighborhood. It actually moved in last year, but I had forgotten about it until it showed up this spring. I am not really enamored of the sparrowhawk. For one thing, it chases off all the little birds that I like. Actually, it eats them. I didn't know that and I was wondering why no more little birds were coming to the bird feeder last spring -- turns out I was offering up a smorgasbord to the sparrowhawk by feeding them. Doh!

The other thing I don't like about the sparrowhawk is that its call is very annoying. It sounds like "chee chee chee chee chee chee chee chee", which is annoying in it's own right, but made even more annoying by the fact that this bird makes that noise ALL DAMN DAY. It will start its call, which goes for about 30 seconds or a minute, take a 5 second break, and start up again. I am not a big fun of hunting, but believe me, I really want to shoot this bird. Especially when I'm trying to sleep during the day and it won't shut the hell up!

I keep trying to think of ways to chase it into someone else's neighborhood.

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