Saturday, March 31, 2007

Thinking About Tomorrow

Here I am, updating from work again, because it's still Sunny, and well, why not?

I have started my triathlon training plan and have been training more or less faithfully. Last week I was supposed to do 2 workouts each on Tuesday and Thursday, but I missed my second workout both days due to Mom's visit and another prior committment. Anyway, I figured one workout was better than none. So now I'm down to one workout per day, but I only get one day off a week. This will last for the next 4 weeks. I'm tellin' you, this triathlon training is tough. But I am determined to do a triathlon at least once, and then next year, well, we'll see.

Part of this triathlon business is to get me back in shape and help me lose some weight. I was successful in losing a few pounds in Juneau; unfortunately, I gained a few back when Mom came. But now I am back on the bandwagon! Sort of. Anyway, I've decided on a little reward system for myself -- if I acheive my first goal, I'm going to buy myself either a new bathing suit or a new article of clothing. I really like this store, and I was thinking of buying new clothing there. But my bathing suit is pretty old, so I might just replace that instead (it's starting to get a little saggy). Goal number 2 is a pair of these shoes. And goal #3, the big one, well that's something that's more for Ethan, which I am not going to share. ;)

So we'll see. On toward goal number 1. I hope to reach this by the end of April.

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RayGunGirl said...

I have those danskos in a deep burgundy red for work and LOVE them. Good goal. Not the cutest, but LOVE them. :) Savasana