Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Fun and Games

I meant to post my April Fool's interesting bits yesterday, but blogger was down. First, when I was driving out of town with my friend on Sunday, we saw a guy driving along with the gas pump hanging down from his gas cap. So she pulled up next to him, and I gestured that he had a problem....and he held up a sign saying April Fools! Doh! His kids were really laughing at us. That was a pretty good one.

Then, Sunday night my other friend had invited me to a party at her house. The invitation said "Come dressed as your favorite fool! If you don't wear a costume, we'll assume you're the fool!" or something to that effect. So I thought of a great costume: Navin R. Johnson from Steve Martin's movie The Jerk. This costume consisted of a bathrobe over a dress shirt and some boxer shorts, an ashtray, a paddle ball game, and a pair of glasses with a handle on it (you'll understand if you've seen The Jerk). Well, I knew it was bad when I got to the party and heard A say from the kitchen window "Oh, [squirrel] actually dressed up!" Double doh! I was the only one at the party in costume. At least I wasn't wearing a Playboy bunny costume, like Bridget Jones did in the first B. J. movie.

So April Fools on me! After many years of uneventful April Fools, it was kind of fun to have one that was foolish, even if I was the fool in question.

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