Monday, March 19, 2007

Return of the Squirrel

Well, I'm back from Juneau. The trip was great! I really enjoyed working down there; the office was very nice. It was like a little vacation because I didn't have any obligations, so after work I just got to relax. Also, they got so much snow. I was there for 3 weeks and they got 50+ inches. For comparison, Anchorage got 80 inches between October and the time I left. And that's still a lot.

I went cross country skiing a lot and downhill skiing 3 times. Fortunately, I was able to find a ski bag at The Sports Authority for only $20 before I left. Anyway, the cross country skiing was interesting. They had very few groomed trails, and the non-groomed ones were pretty high use, so you ended up skiing in a little channel that was about a foot deep. Definitely not what I'm used to! My favorite trail went around this little lake and down to the river. It was really woodsy and pretty but pretty easy.

Their downhill ski resort was not as big as ours, but still had enough terrain to be enjoyable for me. And the snow was great! The first day I went it was perfect, but the last 2 times were super windy. I didn't like that so much, especially since I had forgotten my goggles and was stuck with my sunglasses, which kept fogging/icing up.

Overall, it was great, though. I like Juneau a lot. It's really pretty. I would consider moving down there if 1) I didn't think it would get boring after a while, particularly in winter and 2)it didn't rain so much in the summer and 3)if their winters were usually this snowy, instead of rain/snow nasty.

Now I am back, but busy since Mom is coming to visit on Thursday. She and Dad had talked about coming to visit earlier. So when I called her on her birthday, I asked her about planning the trip. Well, the next day she got online and bought tickets! Dad will be coming down later, around his birthday in May.

I'm a little nervous about keeping Mom entertained. But I'm looking forward to seeing her again. It will break up the monotony of winter here. I'm ready for spring!


Robyn said...

Welcome home! My parents just vistied us- and figuring out how to have them not drive you crazy is key in parental visiting.

L said...

Thanks! It is good to be back. :)

Henna said...

Welcome back! Thanks again for the cool postcard. We have done quite a bit of cross country skiing this year due to actually having snow! You're right though, I am ready for spring too. We had our first thunderstorm last night and it will be about 60° today!