Sunday, February 04, 2007


Today, I did the Anchorage Ski for Women with my friend. I hadn't planned on doing this race, because my friend just had a baby a month ago and I naively assumed she would be a) still recovering and b) still reveling in the wonder that is her son. But she actually called earlier this week, ready to ski and ready to get out of the house, so we planned to do the Ski for Women.

The Ski for Women is a cross-country ski race held every year on Super Bowl Sunday (man, that makes it sound like some sort of holiday or something!). Anyway, the "donation" goes to AWAIC, a charity that helps abused women and children. What's fun about the Ski for Women is that most people dress up in costumes. This year, there was a whole team of women who named themselves The Aurora Girlealis. They were wearing outfits made out of shiny fabric, colorful hats/boas/gloves, and some had streamers and stuff on. There was another couple of ladies who were a Chinese dragon -- they were connected by the dragon and had to ski together! Last year we saw a three legged skiier (two teenage girls) and a team of girls who were dressed up like famous paintings.

S and I were a devil and angel. Nothing very complicated, because we learned that the less restrictive the costume, the better. But it worked out well, because everyone knew we were together and we had a good time. Next year, we'll have to be a little more creative. I bet Ethan (the blogger formerly known as EAF, formerly known as E) will love to help us think of costumes!

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baasheep/fluffygurl said...

Oooh is that the friend whose pic you had up a while ago hiking/biking? What a GI Ma go her!