Saturday, February 03, 2007


There's this local commercial that's been on lately, and it is so, so bad. But it cracks me up because it is so terrible.

It's for the Sea Galley, our local version of Red Lobster, but without the advertising budget. This man comes on wearing an admiral's hat and a naval jacket, with crab legs instead of his real legs (this is a costume, not computer artwork). His name is....wait for it....Captain CrabLegs. Well, Capt CrabLegs dances around and says things like "Arrr, mateys. Capt CrabLegs here tellin' ye to come on down to the Sea Galley". Then they have a little song that says "Kids Eat Free at the SEEEE GALLEY!". (only in the month of January, according to the small print).

It is a little hard to explain why this commercial is so bad and why it makes me laugh. But Capt CrabLegs is just ridiculous. I mean, a giant crab would have been a better mascot than a sea captain with crab legs. The whole thing is like a commercial off the Simpsons or something.

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