Friday, December 15, 2006

Because I'm bored at work, and obviously so are you

I stopped by Cute Overload today, just for the hell of it and found some funny pictures.

Here's the first:

Check out the looks on those kids faces! This picture was entitled "Who brought the cat?" Which I think is appropriate.

Here's another funny one. I have to say, if I saw this thing flying at me out of my living room, I would probably shit my pants.

It's like The Ring, but with animals!

The bad thing about Cute Overload is that now I really really want a kitten. And a guinea pig. Look out E, you might come home to the Crazy Animal Lady house!

P.S. I think the first picture is photoshopped. I seem to remember seeing that cat in another picture somewhere, and honestly, who would bring their cat on a boat ride. But regardless, it's still funny -- and I still like the looks on the girls' faces the best.

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baasheep said...

Oh that poor kitty!