Monday, December 11, 2006

Dream a little dream of me

I’ve had some odd dreams lately. Here’s a sampling:

#1) Last night, I dreamed about the gift exchange I’m doing with my friends. I was hanging out with them and I said “When are we going to do the gift exchange?” Immediately there was a chorus of “Well, I brought mine!” from all my friends. So I said, “Well, if you guys had told me, I would have made an effort to wrap it last night”. I thought K had drawn my name, but it turned out that B had. He gave me a Mozart record and a special German beer, which everyone had to try. I thought “I don’t have a record player, but oh well.” That’s what I thought was the odd part, the gift.

#2) My mom and I were hanging out (?) with an elderly Japanese lady. Mom turned to me and said, “Ask her when we have to take her back home.” So I tried to ask her that, in Japanese, but I couldn’t think of the right words. Then Mom started talking to her fluently in Japanese. I said “Mom! I thought you didn’t know Japanese!” and she responded, “Well, I guess I forgot.”

#3) This is the weirdest one of all. I dreamed that when my great grandfather died, my grandparents had buried him inside the wall of our house; they had extended the wall and buried him in the floor in the space in between. (IRL, neither my grandparents nor my great-grandparents lived in the house I grew up in). For some reason, I was going to remodel the house, so I broke down the wall. Then my sister started digging up the floor and found my great grandfather’s skeleton. So I said “Dad! Look! We found Great Granddaddy inside the wall!” Then Dad said “Goddamn it, I just thought that was family legend”. We didn’t know what to do with his skeleton, and Dad didn’t want to tell the authorities, so we decided to cremate it in the fireplace. I had to hand the bones to him one at a time.

Weird, huh? Does this mean I'm a psycho?

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