Friday, November 17, 2006

We Don't Give a Damn for the Whole State of Michigan

OK, as promised, the college football discussion.

For those of you who don't follow college football, this weekend The Ohio State University (my alma mater) plays the University of Michigan. It's always the last game of the regular season and the biggest game for those two teams. There's lots of rivalry between these two schools and some people say it's the biggest rivalry in college football. In fact, Slate had an article with a discussion between two fans. It's rather a long (and for those of you who don't really care, boring) article, but the beginning is kind of funny and tries to explain why our schools have such a vitriolic rivalry.

Outside of the normal rivalry, this year is a big game. Not just for fans of OSU and Michigan, but really for anyone who's a college football fan. Ohio State and Michigan are the best I've ever seen them. In particular, Ohio State. I mean for the last 10 years, they've ranged from OK to Pretty Dang Good. But this year, they really deserve the ranking of #1 in the nation. So, if OSU is so good, this should be no contest, right?

Not exactly. Michigan has this wonderful talent of coming in and upsetting OSU in the last game of the season. And that team has been watching OSU play all season and has probably picked out all the holes, especially in their defense, which is good, but not spectacular. Plus, there's the psychological aspect -- the Bucks tend to let a Michigan lead get them down (although that sort of stopped when they fired the last coach). So while I have faith in my team and believe they will probably win, I will not say it's impossible for Michigan to win.

So, many college football fans who really don't give two shits about the OSU/Michigan rivalry are interested to see the outcome of this game. And regardless, it will probably be pretty close, with some amazing plays; in summary, excellent college football.

I call the game OSU, 28-22.

Side note to Henna: Wisconsin was also very good this year. It is too bad OSU didn't play them, because it would have been a good game. Certainly more interesting than say, Minnesota.


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Henna said...

Yes, it would have been a good game if they were matched up this year. Oh well, maybe next year? Maybe we can do a little regional bet (cheese for ???).