Thursday, November 16, 2006

You Can Dance If You Want To

On to bigger and better things (than the reunion that is).

E and I have made a little bet. The story behind this is that my motivation to work out has been severly lacking lately. E told me that on Jan 2, he has to take his Army physical fitness test and he wants to acheive a perfect score -- a 300. So, I thought, this might be a good way to motivate myself: give myself a goal to acheive. I told E that I would try to take the test on Jan 2 as well (well, you know, just do the same activities and tell him what my "score" was) and that I would like to score 300 as well. As further motivation and to force him to hold me accountable, I convinced him that if I make a perfect score, he's going to send me a souvenir from Kuwait. Well, the souvenir is his idea. I just said "what are you going to give me if I do this?"

So now, I'm motivated. This will not be easy however. For women my age, the perfect score means running 2 miles in 15:46, doing 82 situps and 50 pushups, with 2 minutes for each event. Last week I ran a practice test and scored 150. I was at about 50% with the pushups and the situps -- 40 situps and 25 pushups. I also forgot that you really need to have someone hold your feet or find something to put them under to do the situps, so that hurt my score. (Seriously, try doing a full sit-up with your feet flailing around in the air. It's nearly impossible). My challenge will be the run -- right now I'm at 19:02, so I need to cut off 3 minutes, which is a long time! But I have calculated a little training plan, which should get me to 8:00 miles in 8 weeks.

The next challenge for me is to find time to work out. My afternoons are so full, I have trouble working out and maintaining my social schedule. Today I was supposed to watch Gray's Anatomy with the Army wives. But I did not manage to get up early enough to go work out, so I've got to work out after work, which kind of precludes Gray's Anatomy. I could just skip it. But I actually look forward to Thursday evenings, so I'm disappointed. I think I might see if I can show up a little late. I just need to get my act together and start getting up earlier, I think.

At work today, we had a lengthy discussion about various dances from the '80s and '90s. I mentioned the time my coworker tricked me into doing the Running Man at work. I was talking about how I used to make fun of my sister's friend, who really screwed up the Running Man. A said "The Running Man? What's that?" I said, "Oh, you know, that dance from the early '90s." and he said "No....I don't remember". So I said, "Sure you do. It goes like this:" and proceeded to demonstrate. Of course, A started cracking up. I said "What?!?" and he said "Of course I know how to do the Running Man. I just wanted to see if I could get you to do it. And you don't even do it right!" Of course, he would not demonstrate the "correct" way.

Anyway, so we were looking for old dance moves online, and I found this. It takes a little while to load but is extremely worth it. This guy rocks. For your viewing pleasure -- The Robot.

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