Monday, March 06, 2006

Dream a little dream of me

I've been having interesting dreams lately.

The night before last I dreamed that the roof was falling in on my apartment. I complained to the landlord, who looked like Rosie O'Donnell but had the personality of Roseanne Barr, and she said "Yeah, the house is falling apart, so I'm selling it. You have 6 days to find someplace else to live." So then I went on a house hunt. Someone told me I should look at houses I didn't like because even though they might be ugly, they would probably be cheaper and I could always fix them up. I found one ugly green house with a Santa Claus on the door, but when I went inside it was gorgeous, with hardwood floors and beautiful rooms with brightly colored walls. Then I took a tour of the garden, and it had a stream running through it with tropical fish in it.

The dream I had last night was one where E put some new plants in my aquarium. I was appreciative, but they were poisonous to the fish so I had to pull them out. I felt bad because he was just trying to help.

I used to have tornado dreams all the time. Not the same dream, but different ones where we would be running or hiding because we knew a tornado was coming. I haven't had dreams like that in a while, but I've started having these house dreams. They are all fairly similar to the one I wrote about, where I am touring a house that is mine or going to be mine and it is old and beautiful with lots of big rooms. My dream house, no pun intended.

Sometimes I think dreams mean something, and other times I don't. Sometimes I have dreams that I can link to something I saw on t.v. or something that happened to me that day. Other times I dream of people and places I've never seen before. I wish I knew for sure what and if my dreams mean anything because they are so bizarre.

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