Monday, December 19, 2005

Innie or Outie

Ok, time for me to add a new post, and if you'll permit me, I'm going to wax a little philisophical here:

When did I become an extrovert?

Growing up I always thought I was introverted--shy, liked time alone, had a few really close friends, etc. Now, I'm pretty much an extrovert. I talk constantly, I love to go to parties and meet new people, I'm always looking for new friends (even though I still have a few really close friends), and I don't like to live alone anymore. So what happened? Where/when did I change?

Sometimes I wonder if I actually was introverted when I was little, or maybe I just seemed that way. I remember meeting my best friend by walking up to her in the playground and saying "Do you want to play?" On the other hand, maybe I'm not so extroverted now as I think I am. When I went to E's company Christmas party and he stepped out to the restroom, I stood against the wall until he got back. Admittedly, I was looking for someone I knew to talk to. But I didn't make an effort to get to know anyone new, either.

Still, I can also remember preferring to spend time alone in my room when I was younger, and quietly sitting in groups of new people when I was in high school. And now, I barge in on E when he's taking a bath just so I have someone to talk to.

So I guess my question really is: am I different now than when I was younger? Or did I just believe what others told me my personality was like?

This girl at my work is always bringing up the introverted/extroverted thing, probably because we did a Myers-Briggs test and I was the only extrovert in the room. And I think, to some degree, that kind of bothers me at work. Sometimes we'll sit for hours and not say anything on shift and I hate it! Not that I can't be quiet when I want. But I prefer talking (and listening).

Anyway, this post was a way to fill up a few minutes of silence. And now I must get back to work. I need to remember my MP3 player! Either that, or just pester my coworkers more.

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