Sunday, January 01, 2006

Two thumbs up for 2005


We're getting MARRIED! Yay!

Okay, so it's actually been a while (a week or so) since E proposed. But I've been slowly telling people, and I figured, I need to put it on here. Especially since it's 2006, and I can't not say that this happened in 2005. Best Christmas Ever.

It was so nice kissing him on New Year's Eve and thinking, this man is going to be my husband!

Now I'm all obsessed with wedding stuff. Like I wasn't before. But I actually get to plan one for us now. So I get to look at everything and pick out what I want. I'm excited.

So in 2005, I:
  • Got promoted to a forecaster position and lost momentum immediately afterward
  • Hiked the Chilkoot Trail
  • Did my first ever kayaking trip to a glacier
  • Was a bridesmaid in my best friend's beautiful wedding
  • Was maid of honor in my other friend's beautiful wedding
  • Went on my very first Caribbean cruise
  • Ran the Mayor's 1/2 marathon for a second time, thereby proving that the first time wasn't just a fluke
  • Got really awesome Christmas and birthday presents
  • Bought E some not-so-awesome presents
  • Met some new people and made some new friends
  • Spent time with the fam
  • Alienated E's fam by being a PITA over Christmas
  • Acquired a fiance in spite of the above
  • Learned to deal with the possibility of E being deployed--now I no longer burst into tears at the mere thought of it
  • Gained some weight
  • Completed my first semester of Japanese
Overall, 2005 rocked! And I can't wait to see what comes up in 2006.

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