Thursday, October 06, 2005

Now It's Time to Say Goodbye

Feeling guilty because I haven't posted in a while....but I don't have much to say.

I haven't been hitting digs as much lately either, I guess 'cause I'm not feeling the love. Or something. I tried to get a digs penpal, but the girl never e-mailed me back. So I guess I'm not penpal material. Which is just as well, because I would probably fall off the letter-writing bandwagon. I started a mini-flame war there yesterday kind of by accident, kind of not. One girl posted something about how WASPs are boring with no traditions, and our holy days revolve around shopping, and that just really offended me. It seems like people view Christian holidays as some big fake thing, and that makes me really sad. And thanks to our illustrious president and the Christian right, Christians are viewed as some psycho, neo-nazi, closed-minded community that tries to push their beliefs on everyone else. So we come out like the bad guys, a lot. That makes me really sad too.

The other thing about digs is that I feel like I'm falling out of touch with everyone there. I don't have anything to share. I'm not sick, getting married, having a baby, trying to have a baby, buying things, doing crafty things that others enjoy, having relationship problems, dating, going to grad school, etc. And that makes me sad as well. I'm tired of getting on and having nothing to share. It's good that I don't have any bad news to share. But at the same time, I feel like I can't commiserate and provide support to anyone with bad news. I don't know what it's like to lose a baby, my boyfriend hasn't dumped me, I'm not broke. So I feel like my comments add no value.

And that's where I am with that. Maybe it's time to say goodbye to digs, at least temporarily.


Henna said...

I guess I have been feeling the same about Digs lately. I am several of those items you mentioned that you were not, but I think the energy there has changed. I read way more than I post. I used to love the deep debates, but it seems a lot of threads are more fluff now. I'll be your penpal! Drop me an email.

eaf said...

And if you stop going to Digs, you can feed your Sudoku addiction!

Hey, this spam protection thing is pretty cool. Did you notice that? Yahoo mail just got that, too, which is cool. Pretty soon the spambots will have that figured out, too.

Eckerslie said...

Re the vibe there - it's definitely changed since the rearrangement and several of the threads you alluded to had me gobsmacked. Some are fluffy but others are downright nasty and argumentative.

That'd be really sad - and I think I did get back to you about penpals. Well I got back to everyone who pmd or emailed me... if you've not heard back I'm so sorry! I was a bit overwhelmed with the response and took a little longer than I should have to get back to you...

L said...

It's alright Ecks, I did get your response....after I hadn't heard for a while I didn't know what had happened.

Sorry I got a little frustrated. I should learn to be more patient.

EAF, I told you I enacted the spam protection thing! Goofball.