Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Newsflash: Life continues, film at 11

Birthday update:


I thought that maybe, maybe, E was getting me an MP3 player. And he did! And it's great! The only (semi-) bad thing is that we think my mom got one for me too. She ordered something from Best Buy that she said E suggested and it hasn't arrived yet. Well, due to a miscommunication, E thought she wasn't getting me an MP3 player. But we guess that she did. Anyway, that's not really a bad thing, because I can just return one. I'm just so happy about the MP3 player, though! Yay! Happy B-day!

E's birthday was a bust. Well, sort of. The gift I had planned to get, I didn't get in time. Then he figured out what it was and told me that I should get something else because he would know better what to get (it was some music recording software, which I am absolutely unknowledgable about). So he just got a few little gifts, with the promise of another, which I have to figure out what to get.

Crow Pass hike update:

Saturday went pretty well. I was definitely in worse shape than last year, but I still managed to make all 26 miles. Bad thing was, since we had torrential downpours for two days before, the trail was a muddy mess and the streams were very high. We usually only have to change into river shoes to cross Eagle River; the other streams are low enough that we can either hop across on rocks or walk across logs. Well, this year we had to change into river shoes and wade across two additional streams, one of which was very deep and fast. E linked arms with me, which I really appreciated. It gave me additional balance and made me feel safer.

The hike was still pretty though. The leaves were not all off the trees like I thought they might be. We also saw: 1 bear, 1 billion sheep (okay, maybe 30), a mountain goat, and a bald eagle. Then on the drive home, we saw 3 moose. That's almost all of the land animals you can see in Alaska! So it was very successful. The bear, BTW, was very far away. It was hard to tell he was a bear. I was very happy with that, however.

What else is going on:

My sunflower will bloom this week! I know because I can see the petals. It's a small miracle that it's going to bloom before first frost. I'll have to take a picture of it. That thing has struggled for 4 months now.

Japanese class is going well. I am finally doing better on my tests, so that's good. I almost didn't go yesterday because I had to come into work at night and I wasn't going to see much of E on my birthday, but I went anyway. I'm going to miss 4 classes because of vacation, so I didn't want to miss any more.

So, uh, yeah. That's pretty much it. But I'm in a good mood. I can't wait to try out my new MP3 player.

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Henna said...

Happy birthday! I am glad to hear you guys got your hike in!